My new favorite snack..

A couple of weeks ago Mom and I brought my son to California for a very short trip to see family.  It was a great trip and deserves it's own post so I won't go on and on but I got a couple of great snack ideas from my Mom and Aunt while we were there. 

The first is great for a healthy snack that you can take on the road.  Snyder's Pretzel Snaps..for some reason I only really like Snyder's pretzels.  The Rold Gold are too salty I think.  Anyway, pretzel snaps and the Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheese wedge. You just scoop the cheese with a snap and you're getting a filling snack and adding protein. My mom prefers the French Onion, which I like, but I get the swiss to use for this or to spread on an apple.  These cheese wedges are great for everything and are only 35 calories a wedge! Click here for nutritional info.  And don't worry about keeping them refrigerated..we brought them on the plane and they were still good a few hours later!

Another pretzel snack that my Aunt got me into was Pretzel Crisps and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.  Since I've been home I've tried Cedars and Joseph's which I typically love but for this snack Sabra makes the best Roasted Red Pepper Hummus hands down. The hummus is also great for carrots/veggies too so just keep it around the house.

Do you have an easy, healthy go-to snack to share?

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  1. I really like Corn Thins (http://www.cornthins.com/prodSesame.aspx) with hummus (and sometimes I add something like a little scoop of tabouli or chopped scallions for some crunch. They're basically like a really thin rice cake. Sometimes rice cakes are too...puffy for me.