Slowing down...

That's been my goal lately...as you can see from the lack of blog posts.  We're constantly booked due to work, social obligations or..well...me..  I'm a "planaholic".  If there is an open weekend coming up you can bet I'll have us booked everyday of that weekend in no time.  If we start talking about my "girl's nights"..well let's just say I've cut myself back to one a week and it's been tough!  I sound like a jerk when a friend asks to meet for a drink and I try to book them 3 weeks out. 

I realized I was never present.  I had filled my life so much that I could never concentrate on what I was doing, I was always planning in my head.  In meetings I was thinking about what blog topics I could write about that week, making me less effective at work.  At home, I was constantly interacting with people via text or facebook, just being in touch or booking up my nights.  This resulted in my husband staring at me with a "helllooo?" look on his face and sometimes me missing some of the short time we get to spend with our son before bed during the week.  Then, once the little one was sleeping, I'd sit on the couch and write blog posts or, again, interact with friends, making plans or just keeping in touch. 

I realized I was really missing out on life by never just being in the moment.  I had to prioritize first.  What matters most to me in the world?  My husband and child.  Having the best family we can and enjoying every second of each other. Not booking our whole weekend so that we actually have time, just the 3 of us.  Then, our family and friends...but I realized I put so much time and energy into, even just thinking about some friends.. and not that they did anything wrong by not being that way back, but I think I realized I just don't need to do that.  Our close friends are our close friends..  they love us for us and don't let small things get in the way of our friendship.. we're all busy and see each other when we can and be in touch when we can.  This is a big one for me that will just have to be another post because it'll get long.  Next was work.. It's important for me to be successful in my job.  I needed to start really focusing at work.  Oh, and exercise and eating right are sprinkled in there too.

So now what used to be 3 - 5 blog posts a week will likely be 1 - 3.  And my typical immediate response to texts or emails may not come for awhile.  When I'm with my family, I'm WITH them..not with my phone or my laptop.  This is a learning process for me..to slow down.. but I'm trying.   

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