My Love/Hate Relationship with Facebook...

This has been building for awhile so I assume this post will likely resemble a full on rant. But I'll start with what I love..

I love that I've reconnected with so many people from my past - whether I was close to them or not, whether we post back and forth or not..  I love it.  One girl, I can't even remember how friendly we were in high school but she is one of my favorite facebook people.  She posts the funniest quotes from her son and I look forward to them.  When she posts about him being bullied in school I tear up and get so angry for her...or about her youngest making major breakthroughs as he grows up with autism I get soo excited for him, for them. We learned early on that we both love True Blood and message each other about it throughout the season.  I don't ever see her, and with our schedules, probably won't unless there is some big high school event for everyone that brings us back together, but when I took a break from facebook..I missed her!  I know..sounds crazy.  I just I love that facebook keeps me in touch with so many people and lets me know how they're doing and that they're happy, they're married, they have adorable kids etc.  My life is very busy (like everyone elses!) and I'm lucky to have a great group of close friends that I see as much as I can, and facebook helps me stay connected on some level to the people I enjoy but I'm just not so close to.

What do I hate about facebook?  Or, I should say, about how facebook is used? First the obvious..I hate the constant complainers..  "It's soo hot." "Why is it so cold out?" "Great it's raining again!" "I hate the snow."  Really? They're called seasons and YOU LIVE IN NEW ENGLAND! Has it ever been any different?  And I get it...I do..but goodness shut up! So then I hide those people from my newsfeed and move on.

But the biggest thing is that I think people become lazy in their (myself included) friendships and I think facebook makes that worse.  When a friend is really sick or even has a baby..and a CLOSE friends simply writes, "how are you?" or "Congratulations" on their wall. I think, was that for the person or for everyone to see it?  Cause you could have called, emailed or text them. It takes away that personal touch and creates space in the relationship.  Maybe this is just me going through changes in friendships and not liking it... or maybe it is just me resisting that everything is moving to facebook..  I even hated when friends started messaging through facebook instead of the gmail account they had used for me for years..  I guess maybe I'm just not ready for facebook to be the center of things.. but I probably never thought texting could replace a long conversation with a friend and, in this busy time, it certainly has.

Am I the only one that feels this way? 


  1. Facebook complainers are my number one FB Pet Peeve, right there with you! That and the pointless posts "going to the grocery store" etc

  2. I liked your post!!! I agree on that facebook takes away the personal touch, like people who write happy birthday on your wall instead of giving you a call or sending a card. What happened to nicely handwritten cards?????

  3. exactly! I don't mind my "facebook friends" writing happy birthday but a CLOSE friend can at least text!

  4. Agree 100% with every point you made today! Since, I prefer not to complain, I won't even mention all the other FB pet peeves I have. I only have about 10 - 15 people whose statuses I can see because I've blocked everyone else. And you're one of the ones I can see! (oh my, now I'm wondering if I'm blocked on your page!) :-)

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