Artimus Art Review - Guest Blogger Johanna

During the school year my boys bring home tons and tons of artwork.  Of course, I think they are mini Picassos and I have a rotating gallery on my fridge but at the end of the year I am faced with the “what the heck should I do with all this paper?”  I feel guilty throwing it out, and of course the ones I try to sneak into the recycling are always found and met with the “Mom, you don’t like my butterfly, car, etc?”, which breaks my heart and ups the Mommy guilt meter. 
So, with the basket on my kitchen counter overflowing (yes, that's my actual basket)

I set out to find a storage solution for my kid’s art.  Originally, I was looking for some sort of file or flat storage box.  But, I found something even better, a custom book of my children’s artwork from Artimus Art.  Here’s how it works.  You go to Artimus Art’s web site (www.artimusart.com) and create an account.  You choose your book (24, 50 or 80 pages) and pay the fee.  A few days later the big art box is delivered to your home. 

You put your child’s artwork in the box and mail it back.  Then the team at Artimus Art photographs your child’s artwork and uploads it to an online gallery.  Once the art is in the gallery you can arrange it the way you want, add titles, pick your cover art, book color and create a dedication page.  The whole process is very easy and the turn around time is quick.

I ordered a 24 page book and sent 12 pieces of art from each of my children.  I admit, it is pricey, but the hard cover book is durable and the photos are printed on professional quality photo paper.  You may be wondering if you could do this yourself using one of the many online photo services, and you probably could.  I don’t have a good quality digital camera or scanner and I don’t have a creative bone in my body so this option was best for me.  I involved the kids in the whole process so they were so excited when the book arrived! Another thing I love about Artimus Art is it is a local company run by a mom.  


  1. that's awesome!!

  2. I love this!!! What a great idea, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing I love this.. and Sara, thanks for inspiring me to get back to my own blogging!

  4. Oh and I meant to include my name.. Stacey Kerrigan (wilson).. I love your blog!

  5. Other companies are doing this too. Thank goodness we finally have a solution for saving our children's creative work. There's Petit Picasso and SouvenartBooks on Long Island and NYC respectively. Thank you all for helping us resolve this problem.

  6. love this type of urban art ...can't wait to see your papers