What does your guy want for Father's Day?

I reached out to the Dad's I know across the country and polled them on what they'd want for their special day and got some great responses.  At first I was feeling bad that I got started on this post so late as I wanted you to have time to shop...not to worry.  What they want, you don't need to buy...unless you want to hit Victoria Secret to spice it up. ;-)

Yup, you read that right...  I have to keep these anonymous but just as I did for Mother's Day, I'll share some of my favorites and then give you the list.  I do, however, need to change some of them to protect the innocent.  hahaha!

OK.. my top four favorites:
1. Sorry, but I'm going to take the 5th. 
2. My answer is x-rated
3. How clean do you want this?
4. A crazy night of good loving and a flat screen T.V.

Awesome.  Ladies, looks like you need to step up here.  haha!  OK, just kidding, but now you can certainly save on shipping costs.  Just grab a bottle of wine and..well...you know.  C'mon Father's Day comes once a year!  hee hee..

Enjoy reading through the guys responses!

1. I always want to spend some time with my kids and wife. After that, I would love a fishing trip with the guys. That would be fun.
2. A day at home with my family, where i can putz around my yard, and drink beers out back
3. A quiet day without a deadline to meet and nowhere I "had to be" at a particular time. Also, a pair of Spinners tickets and a new Red Sox shirt.
4.  I expect nothing and I'm not upset if I get nothing. However, I would be a liar if I said I would not be thrilled with a crazy night of good loving and a 46 inch LCD TV.
5. No presents.  Just a day without plans made by anyone else and a promise of no looks, sighs or guilt inducing comments/actions once I decide what I want to do or not do.
6. Golf in the morning, lunch/drinks with the boys after golf, Nap time on the couch with my daughter, A Filet Mingion on the grill with a caprese salad with a 05 Duckhorn Cabernet Savignon with the wife, and an outdoor fire with a fine cigar - after that it gets x rated


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