Some help getting your toddler to have their veggies

 Will used to eat whatever we put in front of him, it was great.  As he got older and he started to assert his independence at dinner.  It wasn't that he didn't LIKE the food, it was that he wouldn't even try it.  No rice, no pasta and green beans were the only veggies he'd try.  But he'll eat an organic veggie souffle?? Yup.  Oh, and if the pasta was in the shape that he liked, he'd eat that.

Point is I felt like he wasn't getting the veggies he needed in his diet and was worried that he was going to turn into a green bean; then a friend introduced me to Ella's Kitchen Veggie Pouches.  They're great and Will devours them.  They're a mix of vegetables and fruit blended with no other added ingredients to the consistency of applesauce. Some of the blends don't sound like they are appetizing at all but I've tried a taste of every one and they are good! You can find this brand at Target for around $1.80 per pouch but you can order them online, a pack of 7 for $12.80. 

They are also super convenient.  I keep a few in our diaper bag so when he needs a snack he can eat one and I can get him his fruit/veggie servings.  Also very easy to just hand it back to him while I'm driving.

You'll see this on the site:

Inside me you'll find:

  • NO added sugar, salt or water
  • NO additives or thickeners
  • NO E numbers or GM 
  • NO gluten, wheat, dairy or lactose 
  • NO lumps or bits and nothing artificial 
  • JUST yummy organic food for babies
  • Contains naturally occurring sugars


  1. Are they sticky like fruit snacks??? Watch out! Even though they say no added sugar there is alot of natural sugar in fruit and they may not be good for his teeth. Fruit snacks are the worst and cause lots of cavities.....yes I know always the hygienist!!! With my girls they are not allowed to have dessert if they don't eat their veggies and a good meal. Seems to work. Dessert maybe just a Hershey kiss but they love their dessert!!! They dip everything in ketchup which was our pediatricians idea to get them to eat veggies....kids love to dip!

  2. it's veggies and fruit blended together to the consistency of applesauce. He only has them about 3 times a week at the most so while I'm sure there are the natural sugars I'm going with anything in moderation is ok. I hope ;-)

  3. Sydney LOVES Ella's fruit pouches. I've tried the veggie pouches too, but she's not having any of that! lol She's sounds just like Will. She'll eat green beans every day and occasionally broccoli but that's about it in the veggie department. I keep buying them in hopes that one day she'll eat them.