Lookin' for love - Guest blogger: SWF

Online dating…the phrase kind of makes my lip curl.  Not in the sexy Elvis way, more like the reaction one might have to taking a tentative whiff from a milk carton you’re not quite sure has turned sour:  this could be really bad, but maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised and actually get one more breakfast out of it.

OK, that was a weird analogy, but online dating is kind of a weird experience for me.  I mean, love should just happen, right?  Isn't finding romance online only for losers? Well...what happens when you wake up in your early 30's and realize you're not meeting people like you did in college and you realize the last place you want to be on a Friday night is a bar trying to meet people? What happens when the thought of dating anyone at work is just awkward and you've reached that point in your life where you don't really want to expand your social circle but you're ready to settle down?  You join Match.com, that's what.

So here goes.

I've halfheartedly browsed Match and eHarmony a couple times in the past, but always, ALWAYS, find something not to like about potential guys.  I'd create Rules in my head looking for ways to eliminate them:

* that one listed his income and that's just gauche
* this one listed that book I hated as one of his favorite things, so obviously we'd never get along
* that one doesn't know the difference between your/you're/their/there/etc, and no, we're not all perfect, but show some effort, right?

So, this time, instead of finding reasons to dismiss guys, I'm going to make an actual effort to go on some dates and at least get out of  my solitary comfort zone.  It's been a little less than week and I've emailed with two guys so far, and have a date scheduled with one of them in a couple days.  The other one?  Well, he might have broken a Rule in his last email, so we'll see if I email him back.  Hey, don't judge...I'm taking baby steps. ; )



  1. Great post! I'd rule out the one's "that don't know the difference between your/you're/their/there" too and the ones that list their income, only if it's really, really high, because you know they're just bragging. The one whose favorite book you don't like? That's a great topic of conversation and at least he's reading actual books!

  2. We need to know What happened on the date!!!


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