"I swear he isn't usually like this."

Dr. Jekyll - throwing himself on the floor at the end of our trip last week.
  We all know our kids have both Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in them.. why is it that the Dr Jekyll side comes out at the worst possible times?!?

Will is usually a very good kid.  Pretty chill..listens great most of the time and is very social (after an initial 2 min bout of shyness).  Well a very good, old friend came home from Denver for a visit this weekend and I was so excited that she was finally going to meet Will!  I couldn't wait for him to talk her ear off and drag her around the house showing her all his toys and how well he "shoots the basketball!".
Mr. Hyde - laughing and hiding in his built in with his basketballs.

When Lauren arrived Will started crying and yelling "I want Mommy!!".  I laughed it off and told her that "sometimes he does this... in 2 min we won't get him to stop talking..".  She chuckled gracefully and we went on with catching up. He was quiet because I was holding him.  Well... I tried to put him down so I could finish making the guacamole I had started and he'd have none of it. Started crying so loud. "I want Mommy I want Mommy!!".  I just put him down and told him that was enough, I just needed to finish in the kitchen before we'd come sit with him.  He proceeded to stand there, leaning up against me, wailing.  I was mortified.  This is not my kid..why is he doing this right now??  What the heck is Lauren thinking??

We finally got some time to talk as he ate lunch and then I put him to bed.  The whole time I'm saying, "he isn't usually like this.", "He's just been so out of routine with us going up north for a couple of days and then his Papa stayed with us and he just hasn't had a normal day in a while.", "Poor kid, he's so tired..", "Not sure why he's not falling asleep..he's soo tired.  That's why he's acting like this."  Excuses excuses.  Most of them are probably actually reasons he was so off but why did I feel the need to keep giving excuses to a friend that was obviously not even phased by his behavior?

Maybe because we want our friends and family to see the best of our kids.  We put so much hard work into teaching Will good behavior and good manners and we have so much fun with him every day - it was killing me that his one meeting with Lauren was going to be like this. 

Thankfully after he rested he was a lot more friendly and she had an opportunity to see a little bit of the Will we know and love. I'm sure Lauren was just happy to be here, spending time with us. It was probably more annoying for me to give an excuse every 5 minutes than it was for Will to cry to sit with me.

This phase ends soon right??

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