Happy Father's Day - My husband

My husband is amazing.  I leave so early for work most days, he gets up with Will, gets him ready, brings him to school and then is off to work.  He works all day, rushing out to make it home in time for dinner; we have family play time and then put Will to bed together.  He spends time with me before his 1 - 2 conference calls that begin at 9pm or 10pm.  Then he works until about 1am..and gets up and does it all again.  He also typically travels once a week for a one to two day trip.  Somewhere in there he mows the lawn, helps with dinner and/or the dishes, the laundry...etc..  He works tirelessly for his family.  He is proud to say he changed Will's very first diaper and has never ignored a stinky one since! ;-) He has never once called when he's been home alone with Will to ask me a question or complain about how he's acting. He is truly the best partner I could have to raise a child with.

Seeing them snuggle in the morning is one of my favorite things.  And one of Will's favorite things in the whole world is playing basketball with his dad.  I need to video tape Will's reaction when he hears his Dad pull into the garage from work..."daddy's home daddy's home!", smiling ear to ear and jumping on the couch to see him out the window.  They are the twinkle of each other's eyes. 

So on this Father's day I simply want to say thank you and we love you.

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  1. Geeze, you got me teary eyed!
    Happy Fathers Day Sunil!