Happy Father's Day - My Dad

Father Maguire Park in Lowell
I remember my Dad showing me how to tie my shoes; letting me sit on his lap and "drive" while he pushed the gas/brakes (YES..that is true.  the good old days); "closing" his eyes and letting me tell him which way to turn while he was driving (he's sounding like a dangerous man! haha). I remember when he was supposed to give us a bath and instead let us bring soap outside in the rain to take a "shower".  I remember him helping me with my homework; playing dodge-ball, catch, basketball - every night after work; telling my Mom and Me that we looked beautiful EVERY TIME we got ready for anything (still happens!).  I remember him writing me a very thoughtful card, only from him, for my 16th birthday. I remember how he clipped every newspaper article when my brother was mentioned for football or tennis; or when he taught me to drive a stick shift. I remember when he gave me advice on what direction I wanted to go in while I was in college; and when he helped me get ready for my first interviews. I remember his face when my brother got married, how proud he was to be the best man, and how happy he was to bring Katie into our family. I remember when he started buying me Christmas presents just from him; I remember when he gave me my "last" piece of jewelry before I got married and it was no longer his "job" ;-), I remember when he walked me down the aisle and how he got choked up giving the speech at our wedding.  I remember how he fell in love with my son the second he saw him..and has been obsessed with him ever since.

My Dad showed me that raising kids and taking care of a house is an equal partnership.  He cooked, cleaned, and did laundry..and when we were big enough, made sure we pitched in too. He taught us that you had to work hard for anything we wanted.  He taught me how to pack a suitcase..I can now fit 5 days in a carry-on.  He just taught us...whatever he knew, he took the time to teach us.

I watched him get so excited as my little cousins were growing up..taking time to teach them how to turn an old wrapping paper roll into an amazing sword, or use an acorn top to whistle; I watch him now do all the same with my son.

I wish my Dad the best Father's Day ever and love him with all my heart.

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