You're hairy..no really

I used to think that the peach fuzz on my face wasn't seen by anyone because it was just peach fuzz..nice, hidden, blonde peach fuzz.

Well, one day my mom politely told me that there was this great razor at CVS I should pick up for the hair on my face.  Umm...what?  hair on my face?  but it's blonde? No one can even see if right?! She just smiled.


It's the Remington MPT3500 ($9.99 at CVS) and it's awesome!!  It's battery powered and trims all the hair on my face.  There is a shorter side that guys probably use for nose hair or something but I trim my eyebrows with it.  I've done that in place of a brow wax before and it was great.

It hasn't grown back any thicker or darker..  try it.  And if you don't think you need it, ask your 'tell you the truth' friend.  You know, the one that would actually tell you if you looked fat in something.

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