Red-eye to Madrid = very sleepy

I am SOOO tired!!!  Here's how it went down. Sunday we flew out at 6:20pm.  Business Class International is my favorite way to fly!!  So much room and delicious food.  Not to mention a seat that basically turns into a bed.  Problem was I wanted to watch a movie (No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher. I know, shut up.  I love those movies!) so I only got 3.5 hrs of sleep.  When we arrived in Madrid it was 7am and we wanted to sight see so instead of taking a nap, we showered quick and got on the metro.  We spent the day walking around, grabbing lunch, walking some more...and then finally drinking and eating outside for the remainder.  I got to bed around 1030pm and slept for almost 12 hrs!  Today was a day of meetings and dinner is at 9.  Yup.. 9pm.  So basically I'll have two dinners because there were finger sandwiches for lunch and I'm starving!! There is no way I can wait until 9 to eat.

This is my picture for yesterday.  It was my view when we finally got to sit and relax. I've gotten some beautiful pics which I will share when I return because I forgot the cord to load them off the camera onto the computer. :-)

PS - I should also mention I'm missing my husband's birthday today!  Missed Will's last week and his this week.  boooo me!

I love you honey!  Happy Birthday!

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