Quality Time

How often do you spend quality time with your friends?  I mean real quality time? I have a friend that I talk to every day....OK at least once a day, sometimes 2 - 3 times.  I love our talks..I love that we can talk about her for the whole 30 min or me and it doesn't phase the other... or go back and forth jumping all over the place..or just talk about shows, or kids, or husbands or family..  anything, anytime.  It's so nice that we're so in touch with each others lives.. but we can also go a month or even longer and I'll, all of a sudden, realize that we haven't SEEN in each other!

Last night she treated me to a yummy night out at Legal's for my favorite - oysters! to celebrate me getting my MBA.  (Which was in December..see, I can make a celebration go forever. ha!) We ate and then walked around the Mall and shopped..then just sat and chatted while she had an ice cream.  It was so nice and relaxed with no distractions. 

I have a couple of great groups of friends.  We tend to get together as a group often and, because there are so many of us, sometimes I leave thinking, "hmm..I have no idea how ____ likes her new job." or "I wonder what's new with _____ and her boyfriend."..  I started grabbing lunch one on one with friends but I want to be more aware of the quality time spent/not spent with my girlfriends.  How does this get complicated?  Well I work full time, I have a husband and I need to start being more aware of our quality time together and our quality time as a family with our son.. oh and quality time with our parents and siblings...and exercise and and and... 

Try and find some time this month to meet up with a good friend that you haven't seen in awhile.  Make it a drink for after you put the kid/s to bed if you feel guilty leaving them.  You can still have a good quality couple of hours and be home at a reasonable hour.

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