Mother's Day - What do you want?

As Mother's Day approached I learned that a friend of mine wanted a $300 purse for Mother's Day....I started to think, "What is an appropriate present for Mother's Day? - If I want a necklace one year is that asking too much? What if I want a Coach purse?".  So I reached out to a group of women and asked - "What do you want for Mother's Day?"  I got some great responses that I'm actually just going to post here.  Names changed to protect the innocent of course. :-)

The responses were as small as a card and as large (joke) as $1000 for a shopping spree. :-)  Some were all about the Mom getting a break, and others were about being with their children.  What I decided was - that it depends!  I'd be happy every year to have breakfast as a family, spend lunch with our moms and get some flowers with a card - (because my husband writes amazing cards).  BUT...but...  if I've been dying for a spa day, or loving on a Coach purse...or these Cole Haan Nike Air pumpsI've been drooling over..  that's OK too!  

In the end, my son is a present to me every day.  He has his moments, as does any 2 yr old, but I'll take every second of those moments...I'm truly blessed. 

Mom's... happy mother's day! With a special shout out to my Sister in law who just became a mom last week to a little beauty!!!   

Enjoy reading through the responses!

  •  - Ipod and docking station to have dance parties with the kids! Hahaa 
  •  - A card
  •  - some time AWAY.  I've discovered that I'm the type of person that just needs that escape every 6 months or so and I don't feel guilty about it.  I totally admire those women that have never and never feel the need to leave their kids overnight but I think they are doing themselves and their kids a disservice but putting themselves last on the list.  Personally, these mini-breaks make me a more fulfilled person and a better mom and wife.  Plus I work hard and I deserve it.  So there hahah.
  •  - I would love to sleep in and then be treated to some sort of spa service (massage, facial, nails).  :)
  •  - A Non-Whining, Non-Crying, Smily, Nice manners, Non-hitting, "Yes Mommy" day with my kids and hubby! and...$1000 to spend on new clothes!
  •  -  a day at canobie with teh family moms get in free! and maybe a pandora charm to add to my bracelet!
  •  - Hours to myself
  •   - a day with my child and my husband.....and maybe a new bathtub :)
  •  - a morning where my husband gets up, whisks the kids downstairs, feeds them breakfast and entertains them while letting me sleep in undisturbed, then a day of family fun that my husband organizes & coordinates, followed by an evening of takeout and a nice bottle of wine (after my husband bathes and puts the kids to bed while I watch DVR'd Gossip Girl episodes).  A girl can dream, right :)  
  •  - Ummm... I don't want jewelry or clothes or shoes. Maybe flowers or a new hummingbird feeder? A day off from all of the mommy business would be great and my husband would absolutely give that to me... now if I could just allow myself to take a day off I'd be all set!!

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