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I mentioned in my 'hairy face' post that you should ask your "tell you the truth friend" if you need the razor or not.  It just got me thinking..  I have plenty of tell me the truth IF I ASK friends but I think there would have to be something really wrong for my friends to actually bring it to my attention unsolicited.   

Think about how many times you or a friend has said, "Does she own a mirror?" or "Doesn't she have a friend that would tell her ______".  Wow, that sounds mean as I type it.. look for a 'I'm a mean person' post soon.   But seriously...the girl who always wears way too much foundation or has that line of it around her face?  The guy whose pants are always too short?  The girl whose clothes are worn just a little too tight..  etc.  and you think, "Why doesn't anyone tell them??".. Why?  Because that can feel mean! Telling them something is wrong with how they look without them asking you probably isn't the nicest thing you could do.

So do yourself a favor, the next time you're questioning an outfit, your makeup, anything,  ask your 'tell you the truth' friend, "does my _____ look OK?"

 You in the banana clip - no one can help you. 

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