I love JoJo!

I have to share these with you...  I almost don't want to because I love that I don't see them everywhere but here I go anyway.

I LOVE JoJo loves you earrings.  My obsession started when my fashionista friend Reagan bought me a pair of the BLING earrings in Hazel. (Pictured below).  I usually wear big CZs as my staple but I switch out with these all the time.  They have the best sparkle. 
I love scouring the site for my favorites..I look all the time; however I am so bad at letting myself buy any!  Soooo...I just started buying them as presents!!  Pink pair for Sarah, clear and black for Katie..clear pair for Mom..  Such a fun little sparkle present!  But I do currently have a pair of clear, navy and flamingo pink Bling earrings in my online shopping cart!  There is a sale this weekend and I AM getting them!!!!

Her Party Bling earrings are awesome too! I mean everything they have is so pretty!

Bling earrings are $30, mini Bling $20, party bling $35 and mini party bling $25.

Check out the site - there really is something for everyone!

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