Happy Mother's Day WEEK!

Yup, you read that right.  This one's for my mom and if you know her/us at all, you know we try to make every celebration last at least a week - my birthday went for a month one year between dinner with different friends etc.  Why?  WHY NOT?!  Holidays, even 'Hallmark holidays', are such a great excuse to get family and/or friends together.  Having a birthday month isn't about people celebrating me for a month, it's just a great reason for us to make the time to meet out for dinner or grab a pedicure together. Anyway, back to Mom..

Mom had me when she was 21 and my brother at 23. It's so crazy to me to think that at my age she had a 12 and 10 yr old!  Growing up she was a tough, strict, raise an eyebrow and we obeyed, kind of Mom.  She was a Mom before she was a friend. She supported us in all we did..  She raised us to be independent, do our own laundry, help clean the house etc. She taught us to never quit, fight for what we believed in, love with all we had, dance like crazy, be able to laugh at ourselves, and make some of the best black moons (whoopie pies) you've ever eaten. I looked at her and thought, "that is the strongest woman I will ever know."

As I grew up my Mom became a best friend.  We talk on the phone every day at least once.  She knows more about my life than I'm sure she cares to and she's let me in to a side of her I never knew growing up. We both have very strong personalities and strong opinions that certainly make things interesting between us at times but we share an unconditional love, matched only now by love I share with my own child. 

I wish her the happiest Mother's Day year she could ever have!


  1. Sarah, your blog is awesome and your mom looks fabulous! :)

  2. Thanks Melissa! and thanks cous!

  3. It's amazing what happens when we become adults and realize that our mothers are (gasp) human too. Thanks for writing a post that inspires me to think about what makes my own mother unique and incredible!

    ... and your mom taught me to make the black moons too. YUM!!