What a nice surprise!

 More and more lately I've been feeling like customer service is going out the window. I realize that the people that make my iced coffee or venti green iced tea do not get paid a lot and maybe hate their job..but you can't put on a smile?  You can't be friendly?  If you mess something up and I kindly ask for it to be fixed you can't say, "Oh, sorry about that!". So when I find a Dunk's or Starbucks with friendly people I continue to give them my business.

Yesterday I was perusing the web for some shoes and came across these fun patent leather wedges on DSW.com..which brought me to these FUN "snake skin" wedges..oh, these standard black pumps for work would be nice too...  ;-) After adding them to my 'shopping bag' I did a quick search online, as I always do, for a discount code.  (Google: dsw discount code) and found $20 off any purchase of $49!  As I attempted to enter the code upon checkout I found it didn't work.

Typically at this point I would have just given up and decided to just forget about the shoes but three pairs of shoes for $100 sounded too good to pass up.  So I called DSW..thinking great, I'll have to tell her all the names of the shoes, she'll probably have a hard time finding them..then my size, etc and this will be a 20 min call while I'm at work. I was pleasantly surprised!  The woman that answered said that coupon had been sent out to people by accident but she could still give it to me.  She then asked that I log out (I am a rewards member which I've never cared about until now..read on) so she could view my bag.  She pulled it right up and told me I'd also get free standard shipping because I was a rewards member.  When I asked what 2 day shipping was she said $14 but you get it for $7 because, again, rewards member.  I then replied, "Oh great! I'll do that.  I have a trip on Thursday and I'd love to have them by then."  Her reply? "Oh nice, we'll ship them 2 day for free - enjoy your trip!"

Overall I love this experience not only because I got 3 pairs of shoes for $104! but because this DSW phone rep was so pleasant and easy to work with AND made this order as easy as possible for me!

I've gotten shoes from DSW before that are super comfortable and I wear them forever..I'll let you know how these shoes are!!

Any of you have an experience like this to share?

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