Well...here I am!

I have to be honest....THIS IS SCARY!  Not that I don't share almost every thought that comes into my head with all of my friends anyway but this is taking it to another level.  Now my thoughts are out there to be viewed/judged by more than just the people that love me.  BUT, this is also very exciting :-)

What to expect here?  I love to share my thoughts on my favorite, and not so favorite, products, recipes, restaurants, etc.  I've learned a lot in the last 5 years about who I am and try to grow from all of my mistakes and experiences..I'll talk about those things here too. I am always learning from the people I'm surrounded by so I want this to be more of a forum; a place where we can all share our thoughts and opinions and learn from each other.

My friends are amazing and diverse.  They don't know it yet but they will be guest blogging!  I have a couple of friends that know great places to eat and drink in the city.. A fashionista who never fails to impress with her ability to pull together an outfit.. A stay at home mom with one on the way....A mad marketer that LOVES to cook...A couple of amazing teachers... A boot camp babe that just moved from Beantown to the Denver... and the list goes on!  Each will be able to add their own flavor, whether I'm writing about them or their writing on their own.

A taste of what's to come: I just got the Express Keratin treatment this weekend so I'll be posting before and after pictures and telling you about the experience.  A yummy Fajita recipe..  Oooh! and our *annual* girls miami trip is this weekend so you'll have a recap when we get back!

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  1. WELCOME!! Blogging is so much fun :) -- glad to see you online.