We need to talk....

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There is something we need to talk about early on in this  relationship.  I use the f word..FAT...in reference to myself in certain stories I'll tell.  For the most part I really don't mean it.  I mean I AM 20lbs overweight but it mustn't bother me that much as I've been very slow to get back in shape!

You'll also definitely hear me use terms like, "Fatty" so lets define that now: Fatty = Someone that LOVES food.  Someone that looks at a menu online before they go to the restaurant to start planning their meal.  Someone that can't imagine a get together that involved rock climbing instead of a meal and drinks.

No fat comments are meant to be self deprecating at all but using the word fat, to me, is just funnier than saying, "a little overweight".

I LOVE Thai, burritos, chips and salsa are a no brainer for me, and the list goes on.  I begged to buy an elliptical machine and use it a lot..OK well for a month I use it a lot, and then for 3 months I don't!  ha!  I don't know what eating only one slice of pizza even means or eating just half of my drunken noodle dish.  Unless that's all you put in front of me, then I can manage it.

I am about to start a boot camp...no really.  And I've decided to start incorporating salad as much as possible.  We'll see how it goes.  I mean until it gets to the point that I'm done having children I'm not committing to anything crazy! ;-) See, that's how a FATTY thinks.

Point is, I don't want to offend anyone when they see the word fatty in future posts or give the wrong impression of how I feel about my appearance.  I actually think I'm a pretty cute, curvy woman that just needs to start making getting healthier more of a priority in my life.

I'll keep you posted on boot camp and my salad progress..

Glad we got that out of the way! ;-)


  1. LOVE the blog!!! great job! I am with you on the food thing.....you know I start planning my lunch right after breakfast!!! Keep up the good work...and post lots of pictures of Will!!! I'm telling ya that boy needs to be in Gap ads! He is the cutest!

  2. This fatty is right there with you! Right before I started reading this I was thinking about ummmm...more like trying to convince myself NOT to eat another lemon bar that my mom made.

    I swear I could have written this myself!

  3. I just wrote a long comment and then the blog site killed it when I tried to get a preview. At some point I'll take the time to rewrite.

    In the meantime, I like your blog. You are very good at presenting your thoughts clearly, and you maintain the reader's (my) interest :) Furthermore you are not repetitive, which is wonderful because many bloggers write a lot of nothingness.

    I love you and miss you.