Spray tan: Salon or DIY or both..

I went for my first salon spray tan before my wedding in 2007 and that's when I fell in love.  For $30 I all of a sudden had this great tan, which we all know is like losing 5 lbs immediately, it was the perfect shade, and it lasted for a week!  I brought a can of Neutrogena Spray Tan to my honeymoon and did touch ups to keep it through the entire trip. 

I've tried before to go from pasty white to DIY neutrogena spray before but unfortunately having absolutely no base really shows any mistakes you may make when spraying on your own.  My two preferred methods are:
  • For events or trips: getting a salon spray tan (I've had great experiences at Laschi Hair Salon in Reading and Spa Ni'joli in Methuen) and then maintenance with the lotion and spray as needed.
Getting a salon spray tan - what you need to know:
  1. Booking your appointment: You'll feel sticky for the 6 hours you have to wait to shower, and you can't get wet or even sweat really, so you need to decide the best time of day for you.  I prefer to get a late appointment so I sleep through all that waiting and then just shower in the morning.  
  2. Prior to your appointment: When you shower that day you should exfoliate as best you can and then DO NOT apply moisturizer.  If you have to, use a moisturizer with water as it's first ingredient.
  3. Going to your appointment: wear lose fitting clothes that you don't care about getting dirty.  The tan will rub off on your clothes but it washed right out of the white sweatshirt I so brilliantly wore last time.  I don't wear a bra or underwear in...I probably could but I just don't want much rubbing up on the spray.
  4. At your appointment: If you're skin is very light, I wouldn't go darker than medium when they ask.  If you have more of a darker skin tone then you can probably whatever level you like.
  5. What to expect: the picture set below takes you through it..You walk in with no tan.. You leave feeling sticky.  When you look at your legs, you'll think, "Oh no, it's not dark enough." - don't worry!  As you can see in the pic on the bottom right, by the time you can shower (no sooner than 6 hrs after spray) you look almost orange - don't worry about that either! When you shower the extra tan will just wash off and you'll be left with a nice glow. Alway have a can of spray tan for when you get home in case you need any touch ups - you shouldn't but it was raining when I went last week and my damn wet umbrella hit me in the face when I closed it.  

Clockwise from Top left: Pasty me before spray, After I got home, right before shower, after shower.


  1. Does anyone use a different at home spray tan that they love? Please share I'd love to try!

  2. Ha!Ha! I just got it done at Spa Ni'joli last Wednesday before I left for Las Vegas! Your instructions are perfect! I, of course, get their lightest spray. I wasn't as careful with the barrier cream and had some staining on my knuckles and cuticles. Meg went to a spa where they exfoliated her and then applied the self tanner by spraying and rubbing it in section by section. All while laying down, she said it was relaxing. The brand is Fake Bake. The application was flawless.

  3. Trying the L'oreal tanning wipes today- will let you know if its faux or glow!

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