Miami Trip 2011

It starts with emails back and forth full of excitement and anticipation; "100 more days!", "45 more days!"... "Where should we eat?".."I just bought a new dress!"..  There are manicures and pedicures and spray tans..  So much preparation for 2 and 1/2 days.

But the hair, nails, spray tans and new dresses are not what this trip is about for me.  This trip is about quality time I get to spend with some of my closest friends..  We drink, we eat, we beach, we pool, we shop, we nap.. we never run out of things to talk about but also enjoy the silence.  We can spend time talking about things very serious to us and then 2 minutes later are in the middle of a laughing fit about something absolutely ridiculous.  

Some highlights...
The first night we went to Taverna Opa based on recommendations from two different people.  NOT what we expected.  We walked in and there was this greek techno music BLARING.  I wish there was a picture of me as we sat because the girls said my feelings were displayed all over my face, as they usually are.  It wasn't tough to figure out as I quickly said, "I hate this place." I couldn't hear anyone talking to me, the waiter made me repeat my drink order 5 times before he heard me and so on...I just hated it.  Then, the most amazing thing happened..
VODKA plus HIP HOP equals....

...me dancing on the table. I had a few drinks, songs I knew and love to dance to came on and bam, there I was. Don't judge, that's what they do there!  Order, dance on the table, eat first course, dance on the table, second course, table...and so on.  Eventually almost all of us were up there! Oh, and the food was DELICIOUS!

The next morning, after sitting and enjoying coffee outside while people watching we went for a walk to watch the Gay Pride Parade.  These guys were from the Idaho Potato float...I mean that's what's in their shorts right? 
On a serious note, it was amazing to watch this parade.  I was most moved by the legacy float. It was filled with older couples wearing sashes that had their names and length of their relationship, for example "Al and George - 30 years"..  It was so moving to see. 


There was more fun, more food and more drinks but something different than the other years.. just as I counted down to my time away with the girls, I also counted down to my time home with my boys...

Do you have an annual girl's trip away?  What makes it so special to you? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Loved that trip. I cant say how happy i was that we held out at Opa. Serious turned to silly fast.

    Luckily for me, my friends are also my shrinks who prescribe martinis and laughs. Girl time is essential. I need those serious discussions providing advice on family, friends, work or just to have a few listening ears. At the same time we touch base with our inner Jr. High adolescence laughing, mocking while trying to hold back margaritas shooting through our nostrils. Again, serious turning silly with a friend to always offer a napkin.

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