Keratin Express..Oh how I love thee

I mentioned in my first post that I got the Keratin Express at Salon Laura Michaels last weekend...  Well I just washed and blew dry my hair for the first time and I'm in love with it! (See before and after pictures below)

The process: My stylist Michael did everything he could to move his schedule around to accommodate my request to add the Keratin Express to my cut/color/highlight appointment - THANK GOODNESS!  After he finished the color and highlights he sprayed the treatment all through my hair and then did the cut.  After the cut he dried my entire head and then used a special flat iron to straighten it.  After the treatment you can't get your hair wet for 24 hrs.  From what I hear, your hair can be pretty greasy after the 24 hrs but I went Saturday to Wednesday totally fine.  I did wear a ponytail Monday - Wednesday though. 

The results: Everything I was told would happen to my hair has happened so far.  It dried quicker and is softer and shinier.  The true test will be the Miami heat.  We'll see what happens!!!

My before and after pictures. (Maybe I should have applied some makeup for the after photos! )
BEFORE                   AFTER


  1. Is this what your mom is doing or is it different...love it! I need something like that! How much??? If you don't mind me asking? How long will it last???

  2. Love"JPD" :-). It's not the same. Not as strong. It was $50 with my cut and color.

  3. Is your hair naturally straight? I have curly/wavy hair that I straighten myself, so I wonder if this would be good for me to do.

    I almost got the regular Keratin straightening treatment but decided against it once I found out about all of the formaldehyde in it. I think this one is formaldehyde free thought right?

    Looks great!! :)

  4. Your hair looks amazing and so does all of you...you don't need makeup. Got my keratin express tonight. I will let you know how I like/love it when I wash in a few days

  5. Kendra my hair is naturally wavy/curly and thick! This is formaldehyde free. You should get it!!

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