Follow up - Hair, Shoes and Tan

Hair: It's been almost two weeks since my Express Keratin Treament and my hair looks great! (In my opinion ;-) )  It's been very quick to blow dry and it still has a nice shine and softness to it.  I can certainly tell a slight difference from the first blow dry but it's still nice. 

Shoes: Of the three pairs of shoes I mentioned in my DSW post I love them all.  The kelly & kate Jaylyn wedges were so comfortable in Miami and go with anything!  I got the Snake material and the patent leather each for $49.95.  I wore one pair out all night (8pm - 3:30am) on our Opa night and my feet never hurt once. 
The black pumps were $35 and totally worth it. They have a 3 3/4 inch heel but don't feel like it at all.  I don't think I'd go for a long walk in them but I've worn them to work 3 times this week with no problem.

*Picture quality isn't great as I'm in a cube using my phone!

Spray tan: Still pretty good after a solid week.  I've touched up legs and arms with my spray at home to keep the color and there are some spots on my neck that are spotty but I spray there to even off and I'm good to go.  I'd definitely wear a sleeveless shirt if it were warm enough or a skirt with no nylons if that is any indication to you.  

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