Chicken and Steak Fajita recipe..so good

 I currently have 12 cookbooks.  I love cookbooks.  But guess what I do when I need a recipe for dinner.  I go online.  I enter whatever food I happen to be feeling like, add "recipe" to the end and hit Google!  So next to my 12 cookbooks I also have folders full of written recipes and printouts.  It's a mess.  If anyone has a good way to organize written or printed out recipes please share!

Point is - we were having another couple over for dinner a few of weekends ago and I was determined to use my cookbooks to find a recipe for us.  Fajitas caught my eye immediately.

I should tell you I could probably eat mexican food every day of my life...especially fajitas.  My go to was always the Old El Paso fajita seasoning packet recipe.  I'd get a large onion, a couple of green peppers and a package of boneless chicken breast and whip this up with some low fat sour cream and hot sauce.
I've never been a huge 'make it from scratch' cook.. I'm more of a 'what's quick, easy and tastes good?' type.  Soo, my side of choice is usually a microwave rice packet...best one so far is Uncle Ben's Santa Fe Whole Grain Rice.

Not this time!  I was doing it up right for our dinner guests.  I've attached the recipe below as an image so it's easy for you to print.  A couple of notes:
 - the recipe doesn't call for peppers and onions.  I just added them.  I made an additional small amount of the marinade and used it to cook the peppers and onions separately.
 - it calls for 4 lbs of flank steak and 6 chicken breasts. Fatty. ha! I mean it does say it makes 20 fajitas but for the four of us (and there were leftovers) we used 1.25 lbs of flank steak and 4 boneless breasts.
- directions are to grill it.  I just cooked the meat and peppers and onions on two frying pans on the stove.

We all devoured it!  Oh..and yes.. I used the microwave rice still.  Oh just try it..


  1. Sounds good!
    To organize your recipes:
    1. Buy a binder (preferably soft plastic covers - so it's ok when it starts to bulge.
    2. Buy plastic folders (the closed type with the upper right corner cutaway, and 3 hole punched).
    3. Buy tabs for labeling each folder.
    4. Label each folder by recipe category. I use chicken, beef, other meat, fish, apps, side dishes, soups, desserts, slow cooker, and misc.
    5. Put the folders in the binder and start filling with the recipes you have!
    It makes it so much easier whenever you get one new recipe to just add it there. Also, you can easily find it when you need it in the future. And it's a lot neater because you can just place the binder on the shelf with the cookbooks.

  2. Such a great idea Stephanie! I LOVE binders.. I think I'm always looking for some database computer-type solution but it's been years so I may have to just suck it up and buy my recipe binder!

  3. I ended up buying a journal and then I cut and tape the loose recipes into it. The journal looks nice and it's not too big.

  4. Ooh Christine that's great!! I worry about how the paper would hold up over time but actually like the thought of it looking a little battered. And they sell those removable tabs now that I could right on and stick in.. I like it!

  5. Totally off topic comment - HOW did you attach that recipe as an image (or save the doc as an image in the first place...)??? I have a PDF file that I want to post to my blog as an image and cannot for the life of me figure out how and it's driving me nuts. :)

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