Boot Camp Day 2 - Kind of

OK..not even kind of - I didn't go.  I woke up on time, went to get out of bed and the pain I felt in my legs...I know, out of shape loser! hahaha!  It was bad.  But I'm so scared to lose this momentum all I could picture was going today and hurting myself or something.  I know this sounds like the typical 'find and excuse to get out of going' BUT..this time it was different!  I still got up and stretched a bunch and did some sit-ups and push-ups. Which made me feel good!

The biggest part of today that I'll have to work on though?  Not getting mad at myself for not going. In the past I would have felt guilty all day but today I just keep reminding myself I did something.  I got up and did some things that made sense for me and I'm OK with that.  I'll join those great girls again on Monday.  Until then, so that the same exact thing doesn't happen, I'll do a shred video, I'll hit the elliptical,  I'll play with my husband and son outside, I'll go for a walk - I'll continue to build some endurance to prepare for Monday.  Achievable goals.  ;-)

PS - One tip: don't wear your 4 inch heals when your legs are this sore.  Seriously, you should see me walking around today - ridiculous.  


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  2. A few things:

    1) Make sure you are eating breakfast every morning. Without breakfast your body doesn't begin to burn fat until lunch, and that is half a day wasted.

    2) Eating salad is great when you are trying not to continue increasing your body's fat content, but without protein you will have no energy. Add nuts, chicken, tofu (gross!) or other sources of protein to your salads. My salad of choice lately has been some type of mixed greenery, chopped pineapple, strawberries, chickpeas, and grilled chicken with a raspberry vinaigrette.

    3) Ellipticals are a great non-impact aerobic workout. That being said, there is this really cool machine called the "Ab Glider." My rents have one, so I got to try it while home for break. Whats awesome is that it takes 5-20 minutes of your time, works a ton of muscles in your stomach in a way that normal crunches and sit ups cannot, works your arms some, and is aerobic. It's a really great upkeep machine.

    4) Don't forget that recovering from workouts requires a TON of water and other fluids. More specifically you should aim for 64 oz of fluids a day (that's a half a gallon). Mind you coffee actually dehydrates your body so that would count negatively towards your fluid count. However, waters like Smart Water are great because they have electrolytes in them that help keep you hydrated.

    Ok, I think that's all. Love you!